To Promote, To Learn, To Teach, To Please: Scientific Images in Early Modern Books

Sep 16 2008 - Dec 20 2008



Fall views of Widener Library (left) and Houghton Library, framed by a brick archway at Harvard University.

Staff Photo by Kris Snibbe/Harvard News Office

Illustrates how images in early modern European books of science (1500-1750) were shaped not only by the needs of scientific communication but also by economic, social, and cultural considerations. Representative examples examine physical evidence both in the images themselves and in the books they illustrated.

Edison and Newman Room

Houghton Library · Cambridge, MA


The room, its programs, and its exhibitions are supported by the generosity of the Edison and Newman families (Bernard A. Edison AB 1949, MBA 1951; Julian I. Edison AB 1951, MBA 1953; Andrew E. Newman AB 1966, MBA 1968). Located on the first floor of Houghton Library, this room serves as a location for a variety of public programs.