Christine Heenan

Vice President for Office of Government, Community & Public Affairs

Christine Heenan, Vice President of Government Community and Public Affairs, coordinates both the external activities of the University with its partners in the community and government at all levels and manages communications and media relations for the University. She grew up in the shadow of Brown University, where she later served as director of community and government relations there. She also served as an adjunct assistant professor of public policy at Brown drawing on her experience in the policy arena at the Clinton White House.

“I really believe that Harvard University, or really any university, should view itself in a community context as a neighbor and apply the same values and principles that you'd apply to any other neighbor: being helpful, being mindful of your role as a member of a community, and recognizing the rights and responsibilities that those who surround you also have.”

“When I look at the broader challenges that we face as a world community, whether it be sustainability or understanding this increasingly flattening globe culturally, I see many opportunities for Harvard to contribute and I see many examples of us contributing already.”