Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts

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The only building in North America designed by internationally known architect Le Corbusier, the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts is a draw for film and art lovers alike. It serves as a center for the exhibition of classic film presentations as well as exciting new works by students and visual artists. Presentations and lectures are scheduled throughout the year, and screenings of classic, rare, historic, and popular films occur nearly every night of the year at the Harvard Film Archive for a modest charge. The Carpenter Center also houses the Sert Gallery and Cafe, where the Harvard Art Museum mounts exhibitions of contemporary art.

617- 495-3251

above: The Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts is the only building built by Le Corbusier in the United States, and one of only two in the Americas. It was completed in 1962.
Staff Photo by Rose Lincoln/Harvard News Office