Economic opportunity programs

In a variety of ways, Harvard also helps residents of Boston-area communities acquire the skills and resources they need to take advantage of the opportunities that a rapidly changing economy presents.

Harvard faculty members are also engaged in research on topics relating to poverty and economic opportunity, and in the translation of their findings into action. At Harvard Business School, for example, Professor Peter Tufano’s work on strategies for helping build their financial resources led him in 2000 to found the Doorways to Dreams Fund, Inc. (D2D), a non-profit organization based in Boston’s Dudley Square neighborhood. Working with financial institutions, community-based organizations and public agencies, D2D seeks to develop and promote low-cost, easily-accessible ways for low-income households to save and invest.

Today, Harvard’s century-old commitment to community service is alive and thriving; and by several measures – such as the number of community service programs or the number of service-learning courses offered – it has in recent years grown stronger. The University, its students and Boston-area communities all benefit from that commitment.

Here are a few examples of the programs that address